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Mission Impossible Kills Off Sanjay Dutt, Dhadak



Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible have completely nixed Sanjay Dutt’s plans of a comeback. His film Sahib Bibi Aur Gangster 3 opened to near-empty theatres all across India. In fact so low is the attendance that some multiplex chains threatened to pull down some shows of the film from Day 2.

And it can only get worse, what with the reviews trashing the film.

Says Suman Sinha a leading exhibitor from Patna, “There was zero hype for Dutt and on top of that he did not promote the film at all. Audiences decided if Dutt is not interested then why should we be interested? We released Sahib Bibi Aur Gangster 3 for just one show in my theatre and even that opened to a near-empty house on Friday morning.”

With the film being declared a disaster on Day 1 , Sanjay Dutt’s purported comeback after the stupendous success of his bio-pic Sanju lies in a shambles. Bhoomi, Dutt’s first post-incarceration release was a disaster. Now the second release seems an even bigger disaster.

Not only Sahib Bibi Gangster 3, even Karan Johar’s much-vaunted Dhadak which performed very well in the first week,has slumped badly in the second week.

A source from a leading multiplex chain in Mumbai inform of a drastic drop . “Because of Mission Impossible. Dhadak has dropped while Sahib Bibi Gangster didn’t get an opening at all.”

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