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“Mithun Chakraborty Is Dreaming Of Becoming WB’s CM”



So Mithun Chakraborty did finally join the BJP’s rally in West Bengal on Sunday, putting an end to all the will-he-won’t-he speculation  about his future in  politics.

A  source  from BJP  and  a virulent Mamta-baiter told me,  “Mithunda   was welcomed in the party folds, like  all those  known names  from the  entertainment  business who show  keenness to join  Prime Minister Modi against Mamta Didi. But he’s already dreaming of becoming the  chief minister  of  West Bengal, which is  ridiculous , really. He neither has the following in Bengal  nor does he have a  deep understanding   of the  region’s politics.”

Apparently  Mithunda has shared with  the  ruling government’s party members  that becoming the  CM  of West Bengal  is his only motive for  the political jump  .

“With his career in films being over, Mithunda only had one job,  to serve as  a host on dance reality shows. Now he has  found something else to do. The dedication and  commitment  required to make a mark in  West Bengal  may not be  his  forte.Mithunda’s health doesn’t permit him to get that involved with his political career,” the  source  informs  me.

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