Mithun Chakraborty’s Son Accused Of Rape

An FIR has been lodged in a Delhi court against Mithun Chakraborty’s only son Mimoh and Mimoh’s mother, former actress Yogeeta Bali, by a Bhojpuri starlet with whom Mimoh apparently shared a relationship for some years promising her a career and marriage.

She has accused Mimoh of rape, cheating and wrongful termination of pregnancy and also named Mimoh’s mother in the complaint..

This is a huge setback for the iconic Mithun who has been facing a train of political and medical controversies in recent years.

In 2015 Mithun was questioned by the Enforcement Directorate in the notorious Saradha case in Bengal. After this the actor went through serious health issues.

And now, this family disgrace.

While Mithun and Mimod understandably chose not to respond to the charges against Mimoh a friend of the family spilled the beans. “We don’t know the exact details. But its seems Mimoh was in a relationship with this Bhojpuri actress for some years now.He decided to make a break with her and marry actress Sheela Sharma’s daughter Madalsa. In fact the marriage is to be held on July 7. This is an arranged marriage and it provoked the Bhojpuri actress to take legal recourse.”

One doesn’t know how Mithun Chakraborty intends to handle this huge setback to his image. But I do know that his son’s career and future have been a perennial concern for the yesteryears’ superstar .

Mimoh was launched in 2008 in the flop debut film Jimmy. Ever since he has been struggling to stay above-water, with little or no success. Mithun has confessed to close friends that son’s career is an ongoing concern.

This new scandal has brought shame to Mimoh’s family. Apparently Mithun is extremely upset by the scandal. The wedding to be held on July 7 may be postponed.

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