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Modi A Winner, Narendra Modi Bio-Pic No Takers



The Vivek Oberoi -enacted Narendra Modi bio-pic which opens on Friday ,holds little interest for the public. Held back by the Election Commission during the Lok Sabha polls, the film , according to trade experts is in a no-win situation.

Trade expert Amod Mehra feels there is no interest in the bio-pic in spite of PM Modi’s return to power. “The response to the advance booking clearly indicates that people are not interested in the biopic as all are aware of Narendra Modi’s life which is bearly interesting.. These kind of docu dramas are ideal for free viewership on TV.”

Says Kishan Damani a leading film distributor of Bihar, “People have seen more than enough of the Prime Minister during the elections on every medium possible. Plus, Vivek Oberoi is a big minus. There is absolutely no interest among exhibitors in this film.”

Apparently the leading multiplex chains are putting up a few token shows of the Modi bio-pic as a “show of respect to Modiji”.

Says an unnamed personnel from a multiplex chain, “We have Alladin and we have India’s Most Wanted. PM Narendra Modi is not on anyone’s must-see list this weekend.”

Trade analyst Girish Johar is more optimistic. “There is a decent buzz for this Vivek Oberoi starrer. Omung Kumar is a good director and he seems to be pretty much in a comfort zone with this one too. Purely seeing the film from an entertainment perspective is important for the audiences. The awareness is quite high, for obvious reasons, but actual movie-ticket buying audience will be waiting for the feedback of the content and its word of mouth. Yes, the political situation in the country presently, will definitely add some % bonus factor and with Modiji’s victory the BJP party workers may actually celebrate by thronging the theatres to watch the film.”

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