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Mohenjo Daro Takes Hrithik Further Back In Time Than Jodha-Akbar

The trailer of Ashutosh Gowariker’s long-awaited Mohenjo Daro is not afraid of time-travel. It effortlessly takes us back to 2016 BC.

This is the furthest Gowarikar and Roshan can go. Unless their next film is about the Stone Age(not to be confused with the STONED Age, that’s already been done in Udta Punjab). The trailer of  Mohenjo Daro  exudes an exquisiteness of periodicity that we’ve witnessed earlier when  the director and his leading man visited the Mughaldynasty in Jodhaa-Akbar.

Here Hrithik plays a commoner who travels to the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro to rescue the city and unknowingly a whole civilization ,from destruction. Significantly the entire conflict is narrowed down to Hrithik’s character playing the protagonist Saman and Kabir Bedi’s antagonist’s character  Maham.

The trailer is stylishly cut to accentuate Hrithik’s star power even when placed in a bygone era with which he has no emotional connectivity. He glides across the elegant frames with a superstar’s certainty, creating a panoramic space for his body language as well as his spoken words. His scenes of dramatic conflict with Kabir Bedi promise to be the film’s high points.

I am not too sure of his chemistry with his romantic lead Pooja Hedge. The little that we see of them together in the trailer indicates very little compatibility in spite the promise  of a kiss. This is not the first time Gowariker has signed a new female lead opposite a superstar. In Lagaan and Swades Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan had GracySingh and Gayatri Joshi for company. Let’s hope Ms Hegde makes a better impact.


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