More Embarrassment For Mithun As Cops Cancel Son’s Wedding

It’s not the best of times for Mithun Chakraborty and his family , as his son Mimoh stands accused of rape by a woman whom he allegedly befriended and had a relationship with.

Defiantly Mimoh’s marriage was fixed with actress Sheela Sharma’s daughter Madalsa for July 7 in Ooty.And the bride’s mother gave statements to the press that the wedding will take place as per schedule, regardless of the accusations against Mimoh.

However the wedding plans have now gone completely haywire with the cops descending on the venue of the wedding in Ooty to prevent the proceedings.

Apparently no one major from the entertainment industry in Mumbai was invited for the aborted wedding.

A close friend of Mithun says, “We were not even told about the wedding. Considering the way things panned out , it was for the best.We really don’t know how Mithunda is going to sort out this mess. We understand he is seeking the help of his influential political friends. Lekin maamla sensitive hai(the matter is sensitive).No one wants to get into a situation where a woman is the accuser.”

The friend also hinted at friction between father and son.

“Mimoh is the apple of Mithunda’s eyes . That fact that the boy has shamed his parents and even dragged his reclusive mother (Yogeeta Bali) into the matter is distressing to Mithinda.”

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