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More Webseries To Be Axed In Coming Weeks & Months



More Webseries To Be Axed In Coming Weeks & Months 12

Operation Cleanup  has  started  in  right earnest  on  all the major streaming  platforms with  all references  to  religion politics and real-life characters  wiped  out.

One major filmmaker who  has been asked to clean up his  forthcoming series says, “You can’t even make  a mythological  which at one time were considered the safest genre. Now  anyone can get  up and raise an  objection to anything to do with religion.So sorry, no mythological, no Ramayan  no Mahabharat, no  Bible  or Quran  either. The  role model for  a safe series  on  the Indian  digital platform is the Disney  products. Loads  of children, harmless fun and adventure.Even here when you have children in a series  you have to make sure they behave  as per the rules  of decency.”

“You can’t show them attending rave  parties  or using  bad language  because as we all know, children  don’t  do these things,” he ends sarcastically.

Filmmakers with political scripts  have been  given two options:  change the  name of  the country or make  something else.As for religion, you can’t  show any pictures  of  Gods  or Goddesses in any frame lest  someone objects to the unacceptable placing of   a photo of a  deity  or  even the exclamation, ‘Oh God’ could be damaging to a series, as  you can’t take God’s name in vain.

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