Moushumi Chatterjee’s Comments In Surat Embarrass The BJP

Veteran  actress  Moushumi Chatterjee who  recently joined  the Bharatiya Janta Party, was always  known to be  a bit  of  an outspoken  misfit in Bollywood .She again put her  foot in her mouth at  temple in Surat (Gujarat) on Thursday where she  scolded a news anchor for wearing pants to a temple as  an inappropriate attire for  the  occasion.

She also added that wearing pants to  a place of worship was against  Indian culture.

A  prominent  member  of  the BJP known to be outspoken  says  inducting  Moushumi  into the BJP was a  mistake. “She’s always  known  to say things that embarrass the people around her. Her foot-in-the-mouth  statements  in  the  film industry are legendary.”

A veteran actress added that this  was not  the best of times  for Moushumi  to get into politics. “Her  daughter is seriously unwell  and  Moushumi  and her husband are in serious conflict with  the daughter’s in-laws.  This is hardly a time for her to think straight, let alone pass comments  on the  clothes worn by girls her daughter’s age.”

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