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Move A foot To Ban Mika From All Indian Recordings After his Karachi Performance



 In a shocking disregard  for  public sentiments singer Mika Singh trouped  off  too Karachi  with his band and performed at  the wedding off a Pakistani billionaire’s  daughter’s wedding.Understandably  there is widespread outrage amongst Indians for what is clearly an  insensitive and seditious surrender to avarice.

 It seems  Mika  is all set  pay a very heavy price for his  unforgivable transgression. Bollywood has  decided  to ban Mika en masse.

 Speaking on  behalf  of  the  Hindi film industry  , Ashoke Pandit  lashed  out angrily, “Does this man have no conscience? Does he  know  the ‘s’  of  ‘sensitivity’? Or is it all money money money in his  greedy head?Doesn’t he see what  the nation is going through  vis a  vis its relations with Pakistan  ? How could he  even think of  performing in  Pakistan at a time like this, and that too at  a wedding  of a relative of someone   as  controversial  asPervez Musharraf?”

Ashoke wonders about Mika’s sanity . “He needs help. Who gave  him and his  troupe the visa to go  to Pakistan at a time  like this? There must  be a  serious inquiry into this aberration.”

In  the meanwhile a move is afoot to ban  Mika from all recordings, live performances, playback singing etc  inBollywood.

Says  Ashoke, “All the  film federations and  producers’ associations are meeting on Monday evening  to  arrive at  a unilateral  decision about Mika Singh. Henceforth he will be banned from all professional activity  in India. Maybe he can  shift to Pakistan to pursue his career. Yahan toh unka waqt khatam  ho gaya(his time is over  in India).”

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