Mubarakan Trailer Review: Anil Kapoor steals the thunder and lightening!

Welcome to the mad mad world of Anees Bazmi’s comedy capers where the plot curves and tapers into shapes that remind us of crunchy wafers.

Anything and everything can happen here. You can get two Arjun Kapoors at the price of 1. And you can get a priceless Anil Kapoor, so zestful and so pitch-perfect in  his comic timing you wonder which came  first , Anees Bazmi’s comedy or Anil Kapoor’s comic  timing.

To be fair, much of the ,humour in Mubarakan comes from  Anil Kapoor’s chemistry with his real-life nephew. Arjun(in a double role, no less) and Anil  seem  to whip quite a commotion in the trailer. Under Anees Bazmi’s swift and sly direction the trailer just flies .

Arjun Kapoor is cast as the judwaa bros , the  roguish Karan in London and straitlaced turbaned  Charan in Punjab , almost like a new avatar of [tooltip id="4db8f5608d45f5de7881d9bce162f4bf"]Salman Khan">">[/tooltip]’s Raja  and Prem in David Dhawan’s Judwaa.And who says the twain shall never meet?

I was also happy to spot the very gifted but habitually neglected Pavan Malhotra .He is bound to make an impact even in the crowded cast of Bazmi’s  zany oddball characters.

But clearly when it comes to verve and mojo Anil Kapoor steals the thunder and lightening. In his turbaned avatar Anil Kapoor is  an unstoppable riot. It’s hard to tell from the trailer who is in love with whom.But there are two heroines around and they seem to have precious little to do except act coy, helpless , confused and occasionally splutter to empowered life .

In one shot Eleana D’Cruz ticks off one Arjun for his keenness to marry her when she loves the other Arjun.

Come again?

Lots of mistaken identity, and cluttered chaotic goofy timepass fun,Mubaraka looks like the kind of socially-irrelevant deep-fried pasta that we would want to try after Indu lords over her Sarkar and the nation gets that lipstock  out from under that burqa.

Sometimes, a man just needs to have fun. It takes Anil Kapoor’s ‘youth’ to make us aware of that truth.

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