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My Films Render Themselves Perfectly To 3D, Says Sanjay Bhansali



The  decision to  convert Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest film Padmavati into the 3D format is neither sudden nor hasty.

“It was  always there in the back of my mind,” reveals Sanjay Bhansali in  an exclusive chat. “A lot of what I do  renders  itself perfectly to the  3D technique. See,3D is not only about hurling cars,  falling buildings and speeding bullets. The depth, the  third dimension of expression offered  by 3D , is a terrific incentive  to  enhance the level of romance and drama on screen,” says Bhansali, adding that  Devdas too has been  converted to 3D.

Very often, says  Bhansali,  the  romance and drama of a scene hungers  for  an additional dimension on  screen.

“When  I shot the song Bairi piya in Devdas I conceived the number on three dimensions,” divulges Bhansali.

“3D is not meant to be  a device to provide only additional  thrills to the audience. It must  flow organically  from  the script,and we believe Padmavati has enough heft and depth to carry the 3D  format effectively on on its shoulder,” says Bhansali.

With the release  date(December 1) just a month, all the post-production work on Padmavatiis on full-throttle.

“We are not even looking at  the clock and calendar.We are  just doing what must be done.Beyond that there is God to  take care  of the details,” says Bhansali.

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