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“My Husband Has No Political Ambitions,” The Superstar’s Wife Namrata Shirodkar Clarifies



Is  Telugu cinema’s primary superstar  Mahesh Babu being persecuted  and hounded by political forces for being a supporter  of  the Andhra’s  Telugu Desam Party(TDP)?

The rumours  of  Mahesh Babu  actively supporting the  TDP arose  since  the superstar’s  uncle  and  brother-in-law are  part  of  the TDP.

However as  Mahesh Babu’s  wife  Namrata Shirodkar points  out, “This is neither  nor there. My husband  respects what  Chandrababu has done  for  the State . For Mahesh the  progress  of Andhra Pradesh and  Telangana is a matter  of great pride. However  that doesn’t make Mahesh  a political figure.Not at all!”

Rumours that Mahesh Babu would be campaigning for the TDP and Chandrababu Naidu and  that  the Superstar may contest elections have been gathering momentum in  Andhra Pradesh .

Namrata laughs  mirthlessly, “Not at all. Mahesh is  not for campaigning  for any political party. Nor does  he intend  to contest any elections or pursue  any kind of political ambitions.He barely says a few words  to me , where he will make  big speeches  on public platforms? Seriously, Mahesh has no time  to do anything  apart from shooting for his  films. Any free time he has  is family time. Beyond that he doesn’t even step out to meet any friends.”

 This  clarification comes  at a time when  here have been what look like retaliatory moves from the Centre including the freezing  of  Mahesh Babu’s bank accounts allegedly  for the non-payment  of  GST.There are hushed rumours of further targeting against Mahesh Babu doing the rounds in  Andhra

Namrata  says  her  husband and  she  aren’t  worried. “When  you know the  truth  is  on your side.When  you have  dutifully paid all yout taxes and then if you are still targeted  for non-payment  of dues,then what do you do? You  grin and bear the  harassment   because you have  nothing  to hide.”

Taking a deep breath Namrata clarifies once and for all that her husband  doesn’t intend to  be associated with any political  party. “”Mahesh has the highest respect for the party and politicians who run the Country and the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.But he has no inclination or interest in politics or in actively campaigning for any political party.Mahesh is happy to be loved as an actor and the closest he will come to politics is playing a politician on screen. Beyond that he has no political ambitions or affiliations at all. He is the most apolitical person I know”.

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