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“My Parents Are Safe,” Says Swara….Dream Girl Director’s Sastaa Tweet Against Swara Bhaskara



It look like  the process  of polarization  on ideological, if not religious grounds, has started in our film industru. Director Raaj Shaandilyaa who  directed  the  hit Ayushman Khurrana  film Dream Girl  in  2019, has tweeted   in Hindi against Swara Bhaskara(a vocal anti-establishment actor-activist in a  derogatory  language.

Writes Shandilya,  “Sasti cheezon pe dhyan na de. ‘Swara Bhaskara’ se mehnga Dainik Bhaskar bikta hai(don’t pay any attention to  chdeap things. The  newspaper Dainik Bhaska sells formore  than Swara Bhaskara.”

Shocked   by  the  cheesiness of  a colleague  from the film fraternity. Swara tweeted back, “अगली बार role offer करने और आपकी फ़िल्म के trailer को share करने की request वाले messages भेजने के पहले आप भी ‘सस्ती हरकतों’ के बारे में थोड़ा सोच लेना! 🙂 Good luck sir! (the  next time before  offering me  a role and asking me to share  your film’s trailer you also think about ‘cheap behaviour’”

Livid at  the tone of  Shaandilyaa’s putdown Swara tells me, “Can you  believe  it? He offered me  a part  in Dream Girl and would  request me to tweet his trailer  , etc.”

On a  more pleasant note, Sawara’s parents who live on the lately-besieged  JNU campus in Delhi are  safe after the  attack on  the  campus.

Says Swara, “Mom  got home at 2 am on Tuesday morning after  the mobs  outside the JNU gates were  dispersed. It was  very scary. But the  people  of Delhi  who reached JNU’s  north gate saved  the campus on  Monday night. The  role  of  the Delhi  police was despicable.”

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