Nagarjuna Gets Into Shape For Ram Gopal Varma’s Next

Telugu cinema’s doyen Nagarjuna is  all set reunite with Ram Gopal Varma who is not exactly going through the best phase  of his career.

But both the parties are  equally excited about coming together again .Specially since Nagarjuna returns  to  the Ramu’s repertoire after 30 years.

And Nag needs to get into super-shape for the  role.

Says a source in the know, “They are getting together for an out-and-out action film, the  kind that we haven’t seen in Telugu cinema . Nagarjuna was given two months  to get into the physical shape required  for the part. He has been working  on  himself ever since his elder son’s wedding.And now Nag is ready to roll.”

Says a source  very close to Ram Gopal Varma, “Everyone presumed  Nag and Ramu were getting together for a sequel to Shiva. But this is  not  going to be  a Shiva sequel. It is completely different territory.Tough, topical and gritty.”

Ramu who is  currently  stationed in Mumbai will be shooting the  film in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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