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Nagarjuna’s Action Avatar Kills It In Wild Dog



Nagarjuna’s Action Avatar Kills It In Wild Dog 10

Maderc..d. That’s the last word we hear Nagarjuna  utter in the breakneck paced  trailer  of Wild Dog. Nag, we are told, plays  the title role. So called  by his colleagues because  his bit is most definitely better than his bark.And his ‘bawl’ definitely hits  out of the park.

 This is  a full-on action film.  A  few weeks ago in an  interview  with me Nag had promised me the kind of action I had never seen  in Telugu cinema.  He  is right.  The trailer  of Wild Dogfeatures  the  kind of stunts not seen in  Telugu cinema  before. The  action is relentless.And the message is timely. Don’t arrest terrorists. Shoot them.

 My favourite  moment  in  the trailer is  when  a suspected  terrorist  cornered by Nag asks him to  arrest him. 

“Huh?” goes Nag, and shoots the  sociopath  pointblank  in  the  head.  Encounter over.

Of course the human rights commission will disapprove. But its okay.As  Nag’s  angry character says, “Feeding terrorists  biryani, giving them  Z security…I am  not okay with that.”

 Neither are we. Wild Dog  is  Nagarjuna’s most topical actioner  in  years.The trailer is  filled with sound  fury and the sound  of furious  retaliation. Nag is lithe  lissom and  panther-like in his  moves.  At 60 he looks  like Rajinikanth’s son. He  jumps buildings, fells   the  bad guys falcon-like,  and  leaps across the screen with a flair and ferocity that  go well with the topic of  eradicating terrorism.

Nag is  surrounded by some  good  Bollywood actors. Diya  Mirza , in her first post-marriage screen  appearance, is his wife. Atul Kulkarni  as  his  senior is credible when  the  camera has  no  patience with  his  talents. And Saiyami Kher is right  up there as  an anti-terror commando, kicking ass  as though it were grass. 

There isn’t  enough of  Saiyami’s  kick-ass jinx in the trailer. There is room here for only three  actors: Nag,Nag and Nag.And unlike  Nag who is not okay with terrorists  being given VIP  treatment we are okay with Nag  being  given the  VOP(very  omni-present)  treatment.

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