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Namrata On Her Daughter Dubbing For Frozen Telugu



Telugu superstar  Mahesh Babu’s  7-year old daughter  Sitara is well on the way to becoming a star.After shooting a ‘family ad’ where she was seen  with her parents  and brother, Sitara  has now dubbed  for the Telugu version of Frozen 2.

And  Sitara simply swam through the  endeavour.

Her   proud  mother  Namrata Shirodkar says, “Sitara  seems  to be a natural-born star.Disney  called us  asking  if  Sitara  would  dub for  the  character Elsa in Frozen 2. They seemed  certain that she  could pull this off effortlessly.”

Did  Sitara  show any hesitation in accepting the challenge?

The  proud mother  avers, “None at  all. Sitara  jumped at it. When I asked her if it  was something she  wanted  to do she  immediately  agreed. Sitara  has grown up watching Frozen.”

Namrata agreed  to first let her daughter  try out her  voice for the  dubbing. 

Laughs Namrata, “Needless to say Sitara bowled  everyone  at  Disney over with her  professionalism. She  has  done  Elsa’s  voice so well. I have to  confess I wasn’t good at dubbing even  after doing many films, forget  about  the  first where I was  a nervous wreck.”

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