Nanny Raring By Filmdom Mothers?

A picture at  the airport  showing Shahid Kapoor’s  newly-born  baby  Zain being carried by a nanny has triggered  off a torrent of  trolls suggesting Shahid’s wife is  not  doing her motherly duties  properly.Mrs Mira Kapoor was also compared with Kareena Kapoor Khan for letting  the nanny carry the  child.

Raveena  Tandon who has beautifully balanced  a career and domesticity says such condemnation is inexcusable. “I’ve been through motherhood twice over. I didn’t need to keep holding my kids in my lap all the  time to impress anyone.Nor did I grab for my children when I saw  cameras around.When I  chose motherhood I  chose it because I wanted to be  a mother. No mother needs  any certificate of approval  from anyone  about how good or bad a mother  she is.”

While condemning  such stereotyping of motherly  duties another actress who wishes  to go unnamed says, “While I don’t think  it is at all fair to criticize Mira Kapoor for  hiring a  nanny, I personally  wouldn’t hand  over my child to anyone.  Yes ,I did have a  nanny for my  child  when it was small. But I preferred  doing everything  for her myself. But at  at the end of the day  it’s  the mother’s choice as to how she  wants to bring up her child.”

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