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Nargis Fakhri: “I am pretty good at keeping myself busy and being alone”




In A  Rare Interview Nargis Fakhri Talks  To Subhash K Jha  On  Her Life Beyond Bollywood IN LA as she joins the protest against  police brutality.

How has the  lockdown  in the US treated  you?

The questions is hard to answer as my experience has not been the same as others. I’ve been very busy. Now with the current situation in the USA it’s been very emotionally exhausting and upsetting dealing with what is happening (protest  riots)  and dealing with the effects of the covid pandemic as a nation. I have been a very active human.

I know  you are an  eternal  gypsy, for you this  lockdown must be   doubly  difficult?

I’m currently responding to your questions while on a jetblue flight LAX to NYC to go see my mother. I am not sure if I am an eternal gypsy although you are right, I do enjoy traveling, but these days I think a lot about being more stable and creating roots.

That’s what I  mean. For you  to be grounded must have been an ordeal?

You would be surprised to know that the lockdown was not as difficult as you may have thought for me. I actually enjoy being at home and cooking and cleaning, doing housework and building and fixing things. I am pretty good at keeping myself busy and being alone.

Besides these . what  have you done during this  prolonged crisis?

I was  very lucky to have just finished a seven-day silent meditation retreat in Portland, Oregeon when the lockdown happened. During this retreat, life seemed to be put into perspective for me and the pandemic situation only confirmed what I feel and think is important.

In the  US, there is another  major crisis claiming lives  and property?

At this very moment  in time the pandemic has been put aside , people are still practising safety and  precautions though, and another issue has risen that is taking over the nation. Big things are happening and hopefully we will see big changes. The Murder of George Floyd has precipitated  a movement.

Being in  the US seems like  a  tough  situation right now?

Dealing with all of the high energy right now based on everything from Covid 19 pandemic to the disaster  it’s causing the economy and now the racial  riots and protests due to the outrage against police brutality and racism in this country , these  are emotionally draining yet exciting as these are historical events we are a part of and I feel like change is coming.

Which part of the world are  you trapped in  and who’s giving  you company?

I’m in Los Angeles. I was alone for 2 weeks but then started hanging with a few of my friends. I created a group and we created magic during the lockdown. We made sure not to interact with the elderly or babies and to stick to our group as none of us was sick or in contact with anyone who was.

What are  the  activities that keep you busy? Have you acquired any new skills during this prolonged  lockdown?

My activities ranged from hiking, biking, walking, cooking, cleaning, fixing things around the house, making food for the homeless and passing it out, supporting friends and family via facetime and zoom, writing, reading, thinking, dancing at home, taking road trips to places I’ve never been,working out, exploring nature,swimming, laying on the beach tanning,  made tiktok videos, AND of course protesting  against  police brutality.

What  is  your one  biggest takeaway  from this  current crisis  and  lockdown?

Too many to just say one! Life is precious and we must do what makes us happy. And the things that actually truly bring happiness are simple things. I always new this but this crisis  was a reminder. What is most important for survival, clean water, food, shelter and friends and family. Nature is free and is the most underrated way to feel amazing and happy. Acts of service brings joy to your life. SO many great takeaways from this  including self-reflection and how can I grow and be a better person everyday.

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