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Nawaz Is Anxious To Flush Out The Evil Within



After the shocking performance as serial killer in Anurag Kashyap’s Raman Raghav 2: 0 audiences and critics wonder where all that violence brutality and evil in the role comes from.

Laughs Nawaz, “I get a lot of that reaction after the film’s release. People want to know if there is an evil side to me lurking beneath my calm silent  surface.I don’t speak so much.So people feel I’ve a lot to hide. To such speculation on my morality I say,maybe there is an evil side to all of us, including me. But doing a role likeRaman Raghav I hope to flush out that evil.”

Because of its pitch-dark tone and scenes of graphic and sadistic violence Raman Raghav has opened very poorly at the boxoffice.

Admits Nawaz, “A lot of people feel strongly about the violent content.Thoda zyada ho gaya. But Anurag and I didn’t want to tone down my character’s sadism and brutality. Audiences have not reacted well to episode with my character’s sister and family.”

There are explicit and graphic scenes of verbal and visual violence where Nawaz had to mouth lines like, ‘Usska(the sister’s)  toh petticoat 13 saal ki umar mein utar gaya.’

The actor admits he was uncomfortable doing such scenes. “But I had to overcome my natural inhibitions to be completely shameless while playing this man who kills innocent people because he enjoys doing so.”

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