Nawaz Is Depressed  & Repentant

When everything seemed to be going  right  for Nawazuddin Siddiqui he decided to mess it up for himself with an ill-timed premature inopportune and thoroughly distasteful memoir that has shaken readers  and now Nawaz, to the  core.

With one of  the two women in his kiss-and-tell biography sending  him a legal notice asking for Rs 2 crores, Nawaz has gone into a fit of depression.

Says a  source close to the actor, “He has been advised by his lawyers and marketing team not to  say a word to the media.The  excerpts  from his book featuring lurid descriptions of alleged affairs has caused his reputation  considerable damage. It has also shaken Nawaz’s selfconfidence.”

Nawaz  apparently  told  a friend that he had worked hard for what he had achieved and  was  not willing to throw it away for a  book.

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