What Nawaz Did To The Ladies Was Not In Good Taste,” Veteran Actress Asha Parekh

Critisizes Nawazuddin’s Kiss & Tell Biography

Now that Nawazuddin Siddiqui has withdrawn his colourful memoirs An Ordinary Life from the market,veteran actress Asha Parekh who has written her own memoirs The Hit Girl feels it’s too late for damage control.

“What Nawaz did to the ladies was not in good taste. He should have thought of the repercussions before plunging into the book. And his co-writer should have also been careful.Perhaps Nawazuddin shared all the intimate details of his life with his co-writer . But she should have advised him on how to use his experiences in the book. This is why I got an experienced Bollywood writer Khalid Mohamed on board as he would know where to draw the line, if I ever failed to draw that line myself,” says Ashaji, adding that it makes no sense to bring an outsider to write a Bollywood biography.

“Nawaz is too new to Bollywood to write this book. He first needed to spend some years in the film industry before writing about his experiences. He also needed to speak to the women whom he wrote about. You can’t just write your version of the honest truth in a relationship. Two people are involved and they both need to be aware of what will be put out in public,” says Ashaji who revealed her own very personal relationship with filmmaker Nasir Hussain in her memoir.

“But that was done with the knowledge and consent of the people concerned. See, this is the problem of writing about one’s life . The lives of others also come into the picture. What Nawaz should’ve done is to wait for some more years and then gone back into his life. By hurting those whom you have been close to, you can’t claim to to be honest. There is a very thin line dividing honesty and insensitivity in confessional writing,” avers the veteran actress.


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