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Nawaz Takes Potshots At Anupam Kher

After warring openly with  Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui who plays the inimitable  Balasheb Thackeray  in  the bio-pic   on his life, has  now taken on  Anupam Kher….

Or ,so it seems.

In an interview  to a Hindi news-portal Nawaz has opined that  any actor who mimics a real-life person and worse,  imitates a  real life person’s voice, is not fit to be called an actor and that the biopic is  a curse for such an actor.

While Nawaz did not name  any actor  the  reference  to mimicking  the  physical traits  of  the real-life personality including his  voice ,does  seem to point to Anupam Kher whose portrayal  of former  prime  minister Manmohan Singh  in The Accidental  Prime Minister came  in for considerable flak when critics  found it to be  a  mimicking  performance.

While Anupam who is  currently  in  New York chose not to react a  source close to the actor says, “Anupam is used to  actors taking swipes at  him. From Naseeruddin Shah  to  Nawazuddin Siddiqui  , they all derive  some kind of a thrill in commenting negatively on Anupam.  But he  doesn’t  react  to them. Because he   knows these comments  come  from a place of envy.”

Interestingly Nawaz had earlier similarly warred  with  Irrfan Khan.  It came out in the open when at an awards function at the beginning of 2014 while thanking his team and co-stars for his performance in The Lunchbox Nawaz didn’t mention Irrfan’s name.

Protesting that much ado was being made out of nothing  Nawaz had said, “There was nothing deliberate in this. I didn’t mention a lot of people by name. I just wanted to thank the entire team of The Lunchbox.”

  In an  interview  given to me  in  2015 Nawaz defended himself saying, “It just happened that way. There was no intention to ignore him. I’ve nothing against Irrfan. In fact I’ve the highest regard for him as an actor. I don’t know why such an issue is being made about our so-called rivalry. We are both reserved people.We like to keep to ourselves. We may not be the best of friends. But we are certainly not enemies.  I guess people like to pitch actors of similar sensibilities together.”

So is this latest  jibe at Anupam just a professional comment? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

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