Nawazuddin To Lose Balasaheb Thackeray Part?

If sources are to be believed the Shiv Sena is having second thoughts about Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing the revered Organization’s founding-father Balasaheb Thackeray.

In fact sources confirm that the very gifted Nawazuddin who will next be seen playing the legendary Urdu poet Saddat Hasan Manto , is out of the race for Thackeray’s role.

Sources blame  the recent controversies  in the actor’s life to the change of plans.

Says a source  very close to the  development, “Nawaz was definitely considered very seriously. He has the gravitas to pull off Balasaheb’s personality.But lately he has been  in the news for the wrong reasons. Yes,we’re talking about his highly  controversial memoirs where he spoke rather cheaply about some women. And as if that was  not enough he has now insulted one  of the women even  more by denying he even knows her. Such lurid happenings are  good for the gossip  tabloids but not right for an actor eligible to play a national leader  of significant status.”

Sources  say  Nawaz  won’t even be in town  for the inauguration  of  the bio-pic, to be produced by Shiv Sena ‘s Sanjay Raut and directed by  Abhijeet Panse, to be held on December 21 in Mumbai.

“Nawaz  is  out of the country. He is shooting in Mauritius  for AnilSharma’s film Genius until the 23rd  December,” informs  a source  close to Nawazuddin.

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