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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Wife Compels Him To Withdraw Memoir

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s sudden decision to withdraw his memoirs  from the public domain was not  easy.

The  flak from the women he wrote about compelled him  to move back and eat back his words.

“It wasn’t an easy  decision. The past few days have not been easy on Nawaz. He has been deeply troubled by  the effect the words  in his memoirs had on  two of his women friends. The truth is, his command over the English language was not adequate.Perhaps  the memoirs should have been written in  Hindi. The excerpts from his memoirs where he went into alleged details from his relationship with two women friends, came across as tasteless and should never have  gone into the book. But Nawaz depended to a  large extent  on his co-author Rituparna Chatterjee in putting across his thoughts. But he feels he should  have curbed his flights  of fancy,” says a source  close to Nawaz.

The source also adds that Nawaz’s  wife Anjali had a  big hand in his decision to withdraw his memoirs.

“He  never realized  his words would be taken so badly  by the women he has written about.But when he  did realize the repercussions Anjali reminded  him that  correcting the damage was not impossible.She suggested he apologize and withdraw the  book.And he did,” says the source.

Sources say Nawaz is deeply disappointed by the way the  book was received.

“He knew his honesty would hurt some people. But he never anticipated  the vehemence with which they reacted,”  says  the  source.

Before the  publication  of  the memoir Nawaz  has excitedly told me, “I’ve been as honest  in my memoirs as I could be.I haven’t hidden anything.  In fact some people in my life are going to be deeply offended when they read what I have to day. To those who are hurt by my memoirs I want to say sorry from now. But I had no choice. Either I told my story with utmost honesty  or not tell  it at all.No point in lies and half-truths  if you want to tell your story to the world.”

Looks  like the “truth” has  not been  appreciated.


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