Neetu Singh seems to have taken to Alia Bhatt in a big way, good signs for Ranbir!

One really doesn’t know if  Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are heading towards a relationship. Sources say the two are indeed close to one another as they shoot for Ayan  Mukerjee’s Bhramhastra.

And the one person whose approval could make a world of a difference to the relationship seems to be all for it.

We are referring to Ranbir ’s no-nonsense mother Neetu Kapoor who seems to have warmed up to Alia like  no other earlier female friend of his…a  fact that was corroborated by Mrs K’s presence at Alia’s birthday bash thrown by director Ayan Mukerjee.

Says a  source close to Ranbir, “Ranbir would never marry a girl his mother doesn’t approve of. One of the reasons his relationship with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif tanked was because  Neetuji never warmed  up to them. But in Alia’s case there is no dearth of warmth. Neetuji seems  to have taken to Alia in  a big way.”
We don’t know what  lies in store for  Ranbir and Alia.  But  the friendship seems to have already gotten the approval  of  the one person who matters the most .

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