The Negative Vibes Between Ranbir & Katrina Are Driving Anurag Basu Insane


Was Katrina Kaif joking when she declared publicly that she would never work again with Ranbir Kapoor?

She claims  it was banter and backchat planned and pre-decided for fun.

Those close to Jagga Jasoos  say the apparent bitterness between the former couple was unscheduled and  took the team by surprise.Everywhere that the couple goes together they interrupt one another, challenge each other’s statements and openly ridicule  each other’s pronouncements.

The fact that former lovers Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have  relented and agreed to promote their film together is good news forJagga Jasoos(JJ) but only if its team is  in the mood for diehard optimism. 11/videos/1426594767388005/

For all practical purposes, the now estranged couple’s  “creative” decision to put aside their differences to promote  JJ is a public embarrassment bordering on a disaster. For, it is quite evident from their public interaction that the couple parted most bitterly.

Sample some of Ranbir and Katrina’s inimitable acrimony on display at public events for JJ. He has been openly interrupting and ridiculing her comments and even her films. When she recently said she didn’t watch any of his recent films he  bitched back, “But I watched all your film even Fitoor and Baar Baar Dekho,” thereby drawing attention to her recent flops.

As  if it wasn’t bad enough he was heard openly challenging her with the taunt about why she didn’t watch his film Tamasha.

The slanted allusion was clearly to Deepika Padukone’s presence inTamasha  which kept Katrina away.

Says a friend of Ranbir, “His parting with Deepika Padukone was not bitter. They continue to be friends even when she’s involved elsewhere.But with Katrina there is  a lot of baggage—we can see that—and Jagga Jasoos has to bear the burden of the baggage.”

The most stressed individual in the JJ team is director Anurag Basu who finds himself facing the heat of the hotheaded exchanges between his lead pair.Ironically JJ is  a sweet children’s film filled with songs music and laughter. The last thing it needs is a bickering cantankerous lead pair sniping at one another.


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