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Neil Nitin’s Bypass Road Is  A  Hit On The Steaming Platform

Neil  Nitin Mukesh  is happy in spite of  the lockdown. His brother Naman’s directorial debut Bypass Road which flopped on release is now  a hit on  the  digital platform.

 Barely able to contain his excitement  Neil says, “I am glad it finally got the eyeballs that it deserved with all the efforts and hardwork we put behind it. Unfortunately at the time when it released , many other films were fighting amongst each other. We  had to  constantly adjust dates . In the bargain we  being first -time producers took the hit.”

A  suspense  thriller  Bypass  Road   was  a gamechanger  for Nitin  and his brother.

Says Neil, “The content was trying to push the boundaries of Indian cinema forward and introduce a genre that has not been explored a lot , the home-invasion genre . And luckily with OTT platforms like Netflix,  world cinema and edgy content is there for people to see and appreciate without the hesitation of a family-outing choice .”

  Neil is happier  for his  brother Naman than for himself. “Bypass Road  is  Naman’s  debut film as a director.He deserved the film to get eyeball for the way he has executed a complex plot.He was all of 26 when he started.  As  for me,  I am very humbled with the reaction from the fans . This encourages me to work harder and keep working for them  and  their entertainment and of course for the Mukesh family name.”

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