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Nepotism Hits Even The Non-Industry Stars

Even while the debate on nepotism rages, the practice of letting your kith and kin manage a star’s career is growing, and nothing wrong with that.

 Salman Khan set the ball rolling by sacking his business manager and handing over all career-related decisions to his father and brother Sohail Khan.  Now we hear of other stars who are not from within the film industry, adopting the same business modus operandi of letting their family members take care of financial dealings.

Two of the most prominent actresses today Kangana Ranaut and Anushka Sharma who are from outside the film industry have handed over their business reins to their siblings. While Kangana’s career is managed by her sisterRangoli, Anushka’s brother Karnesh now looks after her production house.

Says a prominent producer from the film industry, “Anushka’s career decisions are taken by her brother. It’sKarnesh who decided that  Anushka’s new production Pari should be shifted from February 9 to March 3. The other co-producers on the film were vehemently opposed to the idea of moving the film forward. They felt confident enough about their product to let it be pitched against any other film that chose to be released the same  Friday. ButKarnesh insisted on postponing Pari to a Holi release. He takes  all the decisions regarding Anushka’s production plans.”

Experts from the entertainment industry feel more and more of the financial decisions taken by individual stars would be restricted to their families. Varun Dhawan and Ranveer Singh’s finances are managed by their fathers, although one of them is a star kid and the other is not.Alia Bhatt’s finances are managed by her mother.

These three young stars have confessed at different points of time about being duffers in money matters. Rather than employ business managers they prefer to keep matters within the family.One hears Parineeti Chopra’s brother also intends to turn producer soon.


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