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The Netflix-Kaabil Rumour Backfires, Efforts On To Nab The Mischiefmaker



Some  bored reporter probably thought a good way to create a juicy story was to pitch the red-hot forthcoming Hrithik starrer Kaabil against the American movie-streaming service Netflix by claiming that Netflix intended to sue the makers of Kaabil for plagiarism.

Regrettably the gimmick has backfired with Netflix not only denying  the  charge but also ordering a thorough investigation as to who the source for the story is.

Kaabil producer Rakesh Roshan says he is amused and baffled by the story. “Netflix negated the so-called news. They said it was a false rumour and they’re going to find out the source of the rumour.Seeing the lighter side of it , it’s anyway  free publicity for us.”

The film is currently blazing up the charts with the remix version of the old Bachchan hit Sara zamanahaseenon ka deewana.

And for those Hrithik fans who are disappointed that he isn’t dancing to the Sara zamana  track Rakesh Roshanhas good news. “As far as the  dancing goes, we’ve another ace up our sleeves.Just wait till  Hrithik’s  fans see him do the tango in another dance number Mon amour.”

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