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New Hollywood Spectacle Has An Indian Hero



Colour blindness and race inclusiveness are major draws at the global  boxoffice. If we go by the record-breaking success  of Black Panther. On the  other hand Tomb Raider with a female hero in the lead proved a  boxoffice disappointment.

This week’s big Hollywood franchise film Pacific Rim  Uprising has a  Black hero John Boyega in the lead. I am not saying that is a USP. But colour blindness has become  a kind of inverted racism in American cinema.And a recent film Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time which converted many of the white characters from the original novel into black,  proved to what deleterious limits this colour inclusiveness can be pushed in cinema today.

Speaking of the exuberant  exclusiveness that grips  Hollywood cinema, Pacific  Rim Uprising also has an Indian hero, Suresh(pronounced, ‘Sew-rash’) played by the 19-year old American actor of Punjabi Indian origin Karan Brar who is very excited by the fact that racial inclusiveness makes it possible for audiences  all over the world to identify with the characters.

Do you see ticket sales going up in India because of ‘Sew-rash’ in  Pacific  Rim Uprising?

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