New I & B Minister To Reverse Smriti’s Decision?

There is at present considerable confusion in the ruling party’s cultural department about the new Information & Broadcasting Minister’s future plans.

The prevalent fear is that Rajyavardhan Rathore may choose to reverse most , if not all, his predecessor’s decisions.

“This would be disastrous. Bcause many of Smriti Iriani’s decision to shunt or sack personnel in the Government’s various cultural organizations were based on a thorough probe and investigation. Only after ascertaining that the shunted/sacked official deserved to be so treated , did Smriti get rid of them. We now hear that the new I &B minister Rajyavardhan Rathore will bring back most, if not all, of the people that Smriti ordered out,” says a source from government, expressing grave concern about the workings of the Ministry.

“There has been no briefing of the officials in the I & B Ministry as yet even though his appointment is now nearly a week old. Normally this briefing takes place immediately after the appointment of the Minister. Perhaps the new I &B minister is yet to come to terms with the suddenness of the change. No one expected Smriti Irani to go as the I & B minister. In fact the delegation to Cannes went briefed by Smriti Irani about targets . When the delegation returned she was gone. The new I &B minister has shown no interest in the Cannes proceedings, as with all the policy-decisions taken during Smriti Irani’s tenure.”

Efforts to contact Rajayvardhan Rathore went unanswered.

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