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New Order Review (Netflix): It leaves us with no false hopes!



New Order

New Order Review: It Is A  Stunning Work On  Chastening The Rich

New Order Review (Netflix)

Starring  Naian González Norvind, Diego Boneta

Written & Directed  by  Michel Franco

Rating: *** ½

New Order Review: The civil war  where  the  underprivileged  will grab their rights from the  super-rich  is  a situation  that I find looming over our social order. The  more the wealthy flaunt their wealth the  more the anger  and resentment among those who have  to worry about their next meal.We area society sitting on a volcano.

Michel Franco’s  extremely brutal and mesmerizing New Order starts  with an upperclass  wedding in  Mexico. Women in  chic gowns  and men in designer  tuxedos  swish  by in a  posh villa . Champagne,  gossip music and some tension mingle , as they always do at weddings . The tension escalates when  an old servant of the family(Eligio Meléndez) shows  up  with urgent need  for money for his wife’s surgery. The way the  individual members  of  the wealthy family react  to the  do-or-die request says a   lot about them, and the direction  that this unequal society is  heading to.

In no time at all, civil riots erupt  on  the roads . Gatecrashers  invade the wedding, kill  and  assault the guests. Loot everything they can. Old servants turn  against their masters.

Not  Marta(Mónica del Carmen) and her son Christian(Fernando Cuautle). They remain steadfast  in their  loyalty right to the blood-soaked end when the ‘New  Order’ turns  out to  be nothing  but an excuse  for blackmail and  extortion.

At the centre of this very disturbing story stands  Marianne(Naian Gonzalez Norvind), the kindhearted  bride of  the above  wedding , whose  life is overnight  turned  into  a living hell for no fault  of  hers  except that she  is  indescribably wealthy. That Marianne is also an enormously compassionate soul is  a quality that holds her in  good stead for  only a  while.

She is soon marched  into the rioters’ version of a concentration camp where every inmate  has a number written on his  or her forehead.What  you will see happening to Marianne  for the  next  hour so  will repulse and  sicken you, as  it is meant to. Civil War is not pretty. And  it  is not rational and just either.

The depiction of  social inequality  and the  seething contempt  of the  workingclass towards the  elite  was earlier shown in the overrated Korean  film Parasites. Cold Order  depicts the consequences  of  unchecked  social  inequality with far  more  intensity. What I  really liked about this  film is that the  rapidly spreading violence shown so  graphically  ,doesn’t spare the goodhearted  compassionate characters. Everyone is   given the same treatment. The  perverse karma  spares none.

The New  Order  leaves us with no false  hopes. When the  civil war happens  there  is nothing  civil about it. It will spare  none. This is a cautionary tale  filled with dread and  despair, brutality  and  vendetta  so  bloodied, you will  think  twice    before  ordering that new car which  you don’t need.

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