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Newcomer Nishant Malkani Denies Being Sexually Harassed By Riya Sen



A scandalous report put out by a mischievous website claiming that  a newbie had been “sexually harassed” by the bold and bindaas Riya Sen, has  caused seriously embarrassment to the  young actor in  questioned named Nishant Malkani

It happened while shooting for Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS 3 .

Over  to Malkani, “We were shooting a bedroom sequence where the couple had to get intimate. And we were improvising. In the  bid to make it as real  as possible we were both improvising. Riya pulled my trackpants down , and that too just a  bit.”

This is where the scandal erupted.

Says Malkani, “I was stunned with  all the reports of Riya sexually harassing me. For God’s sake, I would know if I was sexually harassed. And  I am man enough to own up to it  if it happened. But in this case it is ridiculous to even suggest that Riya took advantage  of me. We were both in it for fun, trying to instill as much credibility  into our love-making scene as  possible. If she  pulled my pants down she did  it for the scene. I am okay with it. She’s okay with it. Her husband  is  okay with it. Then who are these people shoting about sexual harassment?  I am supposed to have been sexually harassed and I don’t even  know it?!”

Malkani feels  reports on  sexual violation  need to be  more responsible. “Sexual harassment  is  a very serious matter.Please don’t trivialize it by using it for sensational headlines.  Man or woman, it is equally important to come forward if you are sexually harassed.  And I don’t think my mardaangi would be challenged if I owned up to being harassed. But when no such thing happened why are sections of the media concocting sexy stories to sell headlines?”

Malkani is embarrassed more for Riya than himself. “She recently got married . Have a heart, please! Give  her the dignity  of a married woman. If it is wrong to remain silent about sexual harassment  it is even more wrong to shout about it when  nothing happens. So many men wrongly accused of  sexual misdemeanours are languishing in jail. And to accuse a woman of sexual harassment  is  equally serious. Riya is a dear friend.  To read such things is very disturbing.”

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