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Newsbreak: 2:0 Clocks It At 2 Hours 28 Minutes



The  excited and  anxious team behind  Shankar’s long-awaited opus 2:0 featuring  Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar in a confrontational combat, has just finished editing the  footage  .

 And we are happy to announce that the  playing-time for  the sequel to the  2010 hit is  precisely 2 hours and  28 Minutes . This is  33  minutes shorter than what Robot and its Tamil  version Enthiran was  in  2010.

Says a member  of  the  technical team, “Though we shot footage that could go into a 5-hour film we consciously decided  to keep the length in check  this time. While the  first film was over 3 hours  long this time we’ve kept the running-time to under  2 and a  half hours.”

 It was felt by the entire team that lengthier films tend to  exhaust audiences . The most recent case in  point being  The Thugs Of  Hindostan.

A  technical member  of  the  2:0 team  avers, “I strongly believe  the  length was a  major culprit in Thugs Of  Hindostan. If they had restricted the action to just  over two hours I strongly believe  it would have performed a  lot better. We  don’t want to make the same mistake.”

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