Newsbreak: Changes In The Sanjay Dutt Bio-Pic, Image Clean-Up Being Under Way

Even as Ranbir Kapoor’s latest release Jagga Jasoos opened to mixed responses, news comes of major changes in Ranbir’s next and so far only other assignment on the floors.

Raj Kumar Hirani’s Sanjay Dutt bio-pic tentatively titled Dutt(they are trying to get Baba which is registered with another producer)  is all set to undergo some changes.

A source close to the development says Sanjay Dutt and his vast network of marketing experts need to work on cleaning out his image as the Enfant Terrible of showbiz.

“Since he came out of jail he has been cultivating the family image. Vacations with wife and twins, no late-night parties. Though he still enjoys his evening drinks he has them at home. He hardly attends parties and seldom  entertains  more than half-a-dozen guests at home for a sit-down dinner.”

In clashing contrast to the clean-cut image that Dutt is trying  to cultivate Hirani’s film focuses on  the wild  side of the actor’s image.

“The drug-phase in Sanju Baba’s life in his teens and early 20s when he went completely amok, forms  a  major part of the film. Hirani and his writer Abhijat Joshi are now looking at modifying and scaling-down that phase in  Baba’s life.The incarceration under TADA would of course be there still—the bio-pic  doesn’t intent to alter the sordid chapters from Sanjay dutt’s life—but it won’t be done in great detail,” says  the  source.

Also, with the honourable Supreme Court asking the Maharashtra government to explain why Sanjay Dutt spent so much time  out of jail during the period of his sentence there is added anxiety as to how the audience and  more importantly the law-enforcement agencies would react to a bio-pic that doesn’t mince words.

Apparently efforts are now on to soften the blow, so to speak.

“There will be duplicitous periods from Sanju’s life defining the bio-pic. But now the sordidness would be sublimated. The trauma would be toned-down. The bio-pic will be made accessible to Dutt’s young viewers. With drug dealers in Mumbai and Punjab catching them young it is time for Dutt to tell the future leaders and shakers that it is not cool to dabble in drugs and play with guns,” says the source.

So  here is what you WON’T get to see in the Sanjay Dutt bio-pic.

  1. Dutt’s descent in the abject darkness of drugs  won’t be done in graphic detail. He needed rehabilitation. But the audience needn’t get too mired in the murk.
  2. The arrest and conviction for possession of arms during  Mumbai’s 1993 blasts  would focus on Dutt’s ingenuity and innocence. There won’t be suspicion or doubt about his guilt.
  3. Dutt’s alleged affair with Madhuri Dixit has been completely obliterated . This, in keeping with her marriage and motherhood
  4. Blow-by-blow account of his various affairs would not be included. Instead the relationships would be amalgamated.
  5. And yes, Tina Munim who was Dutt’s first and longest love won’t be named.

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