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Newsbreak: Madhur Mittal Granted Anticipatory Bail



Newsbreak: Madhur Mittal Granted Anticipatory Bail 4

 In   the  case against him alleging sexual violation and other crimes,  actor Madhur Mittal  was  on Friday granted anticipatory  bail  by  the  honorable  courts.

Informing me of the same  Madhur said, “At last after weeks of  unimaginable turmoil and  stress for  me and  my family , I was  granted anticipatory bail  today in the first hearing  itself.  I am felling so much better. It makes me believe  in the legal system of  our country.”

Madhur  hopes his career  doesn’t suffer due to this controversy. “Before  all this  happened  I was getting at least a  couple  of audition calls  every day. Now they’ve stopped. I just don’t want my  work to suffer. Otherwise my conscience  is  clear.”

 Ever since the  allegations were slapped  on  him  Madhur  Mittal was  under extreme  stress, not only  for himself but his family who were  deeply embarrassed and scared. His legal fees  are way beyond what he earns as  an actor. These  allegations  of  rape, etc have  been  leveled   by  a lady Madhur wanted to marry and would have  done absolutely anything  for.

 Madhur  shot to fame  as  Salim in Danny Boyle’s  Slumdog  Millionaire ,  playing Dev Patel’s elder brother. His career did  not take off  thereafter. He was  last seen in the Raveena Tandonrape-and-revenge  drama Matr which flopped.

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