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Newton Fails To Make It To The Oscars, The Team Reacts



We’ve done  it again.Not made  it into the shortlist  of Best Fireign Film For the Oscars.Year after year we keep missing out on getting anywhere close to actually winnng it.

The  film’s team is feeling far from defeated.  Supran Sen, the Secretary-General  of the Film Frederation Of India which selects  the film to go to the Oscars each year, says, “Yes I am aware we’ve been eliminated.Very sad.We were quite hopeful considering  all the appreciation  we had received. But it’s fine. Newton is a film we’re all proud of.”

The film’s director Amit Masurkar says, “The foreign film category is like the Olympics. We’re competing with the best in the world, so it’s extremely tough. The response from Academy members to Newtonwas very positive and we’re grateful to everyone who supported us on this journey. The experience has enriched us and has encouraged me to push my limits each time I make a new film.”

Anjali Patil who plays  apivotal role in Newton says, “I feel the film had done more than just being in or out of Oscar entry.All the screenings we had in US  and all over the world struck genuine chords with people.And the way it excelled back home in every strata of society is way more important.So it doesn’t really makes me sad at all.A film comes with its destiny and performs, there is bigger force more than mine or your desires.”

Pankaj Tripathi who had an exceptional year with GurgaonFukrey Returns and Newton is just happy they made  the  film they wanted to.“Dil se banayi hui film hai yahan tak pahunchi logon ne dekha entire world ne saraha itna kya kam hai(it is  a film made from the heart, isn’t it enough that the world loved it?).

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