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Next, A Comedy For Alia Bhatt

Time for some aslee glee in Alia Bhatt’s life. The Dear Zindagi scene stealer wants some genuine laughter in her life.

Says Alia, “Yes, I want to do an  out-and-out comedy.You know the kind where pies fly across the room,cakes go into people’s faces, people slip on  banana peels…yes , the slap stick comedy . I want one of those in my career now.”

Alia who has lately done some very serious contemplative roles Udta Punjab and DearZindagi feels the time is right to have some fun.

“People feel it’s very easy to do comedy on screen. It is not! I think it’s the most difficult genre.I’d  like to give it a genuine try,” says Alia.

Alia who admires the comic timing of Sridevi feels getting it right is very important.  “For the audience to enjoy the humour, the actor attempting comedy must first enjoy herself to the fullest. I plan to have myself a ball.”


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