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Nihar Pandya On Becoming A Father



Nihar Pandya On Becoming A Father 6

 Singer Neeti Mohan and  her husband actor Nihar Pandya have been blessed with a  baby boy.

And  Nihar just can’t stop preening.

When  I  contacted him Nihar  could barely contain his  joy. “All these years we only had a bookish knowledge about a baby being born.The true meaning of a  Miracle was understood when I witnessed the baby being delivered.Mother and son are doing well and we are Living a Dream. God and the baby are kind he chose us as parents for him.”

When  Nihar had decided  to  tie the  knot with Neeti in February  2019 he said to me, “Yes, after some relationships that  simply didn’t work out, I am finally getting married,  to Neeti Mohan. As you know  I’ve been in some aborted  relationships. In  fact it had come to a  point where I wouldn’t share my relationship status with my family because I was scared  it wouldn’t work out. Every time my mother would run to the temple  with  a pooja ki thali to ring the auspicious  bells for her son’s wedding. Then  nothing happened.”

So Nihar chose not to reveal his feelings  for Neeti Mohan to his  family.  “Not until we were sure of our marriage.There  had been so many deadends earlier I felt my family stop believing I was  actually in love .”

Just how Nihar met and fell  in  love with Neeti is a chapter straight of a Yashraj  Film. “Yes, fully filmy it was. I met Neeti at a common friend (musician)Jimmy Felix’s wedding.   Jimmy and Neeti used  to be part of  the music band Aasma and he  kept talking about this  girl he wants me to meet. But he  wouldn’t actually get down to introducing me  to Neeti. I finally asked Jimmy,  ‘Yaar tu mileyega  ya sirf baatein banayega?’  He promised  to introduce  us at his wedding. And he kept his promise.”

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It was love at first sight  for Nihar.  “It took me  no time at  all  to  decide Neeti was  the  one I wanted  to  spend  the rest of my life with. Luckily she felt the same way.We decided to get married soon after  we met.And now, as the day approaches  I am  more and  more convinced this is the best  thing  to have happened to me.”