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Nitesh Tiwari-Aamir Khan Reunite For An Ad On Empowered Daughters

A  new motivational ad directed by Nitesh Tiwari  shows Aamir Khan  revisiting the world of Dangal with two daughters who  are  shown to be  empowered in the ad as well they were in Dangal to take over their father’s  profession.

Speaking on how the ad happened Nitish says, “The ad is conceptualized by the team of Ogilvy India. It was they who got a  go-ahead. I was then approached  to direct the ad.”

Nitesh and Aamir approached the ad with the same gravity of purpose as Dangal.

Nitesh admits doing another film with Aamir on the theme of girl-child empowerment did make him nostalgic. “That was what Dangalwas about. But  doing the ad on the same theme didn’t give me a sense of déjà vu because the characters are different.”

In Dangal Aamir played a Haryanvi wrestler. In the ad he plays a  Sikh mithai-wallah.

“But yes the theme of girl-child empowerment runs through both Dangal and the ad  and shooting film with Aamir Sir and his two screen-daughters did make me nostalgic.It is so heartening to see more and more  brands coming out to acknowledge the fact that girls are as capable as boys,” says Nitesh.


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