No Birthday Bash…Parineeti’s Pals are All Out Of Town


The lately-re-energized Parineeti Chopra who turned a year older on October 22  had to put aside herbirthday plans as all her friends are out of town.

“All of us who went on the US concert tour—Varun, Alia Aditya Roy Kapoor, Katrina, Karan Johar, even Badshah—were together 24/7. We have become close friends now.We share a lovely relationship beyond work. We share a beautiful bonding and love one another. We try to meet as much as possible. But we are all so busy with our own work.In fact we were planning to re-unite at Karan’s home. I’d have liked nothing better than to spend my birthday with them. But look at my luck! They’re all out of town,” sighs Parineeta.

With her new friends out of town Parineeti is at a bit of a loose end this birthday. “I’ve never had a properbirthday party. In fact, I’ve never thrown party. But yes ,it’s  time I did.  For this  birthday I may got out with my close friends from outside the film industry or I may go  dancing my close friends if I feel like it.”

Parineeti cannot get over how well-received the US concert was. “I mean, I’ve done many live shows . But this was the first world tour for all  of us.And to experience the excitement  of  the NRI Bollywood  fans first-hand was an altogether unique experience. The fan-craze, for the lack oaf better term, was in another league. We all felt like rock stars on stage. The audience made us feel so special.”

Parineeti has just completed her first film since her comeback Meri Pyari Bindu where she plays a singer. “Yes, we’re done with Meri Pyari Bindu with Ayushmann Khurrana. I got along like  a house of fire with him.We’re both keen on music.In fact there were other really cool people in the cast.We’d all go out for lunch and hang out together. It was lovely.Meri Pyari Bindu is my first film after the break that I took last year. Thankfully it has turned out well.”

She has  just started work on another film Takdum where music plays an important part. She is all praise for her co-star Sushant Singh Rajput. “He has learnt to play the guitar for the film.And it doesn’t look like he haslearnt it for the film. He plays the guitar like a professional. Me? I don’t play the guitar.I play the harmoniamand the taanpura for my riyaaz. But I am more of a singer than an instrument player.”

She has no time for love at the moment. “I want to  focus only on my work at least  for the next one year. I’ve worked on my physique and now I am back to doing films. I am feeling good about myself.I just want to do my best and I don’t want any distractions. And quite honestly , even if I was dating someone I’d like to keep it private.At the moment all my focus is on my work and nothing else.”

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