No birthday celebrations for everyone’s favourite Macho Man Dharmendra

The legendary Dharmendra who turns 82 on December 8 is in no mood for celebrations.

Shashi(Kapoor) is gone. And I am in nomood to celebrate. Ive told my family not to plan anything for my birthday.Dilnahinkarta.Shashiwas younger than me. We were friends and colleagues and I always admired his work, as he admired mine. Its heartbreaking when a colleague and friend leaves, Dharamjis voice drops to a wistful low.

I remind the eternal matinee idol thatShashiKapoorwas suffering. Yes, I know. The worst curse in old age is bad health. But knowing that a loved one is suffering does not take the pain away from your loss. That way I am selfish and very emotional. I want my loved ones around at any cost.

Dharamjiadmits losing loved ones is his greatest fear. Every time a colleague goes, I am overwhelmed with emotion. Shashis going has affected me deeply. I mourn for the loss of a friend . His family ,specially his brother Raj Saab with whom I had the privilege of working inMeraNaamJoker,is very dear to me.

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