No Certainty About Rajinikanth’s 2:0 Release

2:0 Movie

For those who have been holding their breath to see the mighty Rajinikanth clash with  Akshay Kumar here is the sobering new.The wait might be much longer than expected.

They will have to wait for director Shankar’s 2: 0, the lavish 3D sequel to  Robot, a lot longer than expected.

According to a source in the know, all the post-production and mixing is yet to begin.

“The special effects which were messed up by the American company to which the contract was given, was re-done from scratch. That process is yet to be completed and will take at least couple of month more. The post-production and mixing will begin in June.Even if all the 3D effects are done by June-July, it would still be difficult for the  film to meet its August deadline,” says a source close to the  project, adding that the  film will in all probability not  release before January 2019, making  2:0  one of  the most costly delays  in  recent cinematic   history.

“The  film  has gone  grossly  over-budget,leaving the  makers with  no choice but to raise  their fee for satellite and  television rights,” says a  source.

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