No Dhoom 4 For Thugs Director ?

Would  Vijay Krishna  Acharya be directing the  fourth part  of  Dhoom  soon after the release  of  Thugs Of Hindostan,  said to be the most expensive  film Yash Raj Films has ever produced?

 Sources from the production house say, Yash Raj helmer Aditya Chopra would like to see how Thugs…pans out  before  locking in on the  cast and  technical crew  of  Dhoom 4.

With  Thugs opening to largely disappointed audiences, Yash Raj may postpone   plans  of Dhoom 4 with Vijay Krishna Acharya as  director.

“All the  so-called  news reports  being given  out about Dhoom 4 are  completely  untrue. There is no Salman Khan in the  project. Even the Franchise’s core cast(Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra) may undergo a change.As for the  director, in all likelihood  Victor(Vijay Krishna Acharya) who directed  Dhoom 3 would return for  Dhoom 4. However this is  not a  certainty as yet.  And for all we know, there can be  a brand new director this time,”  informs  clued in source.

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