No Film For Bhansali With Sridevi’s  Daughter, Here’s The Truth About Their ‘Meeting’

A  few days ago the paparazzi was click-happy showing the late(and much missed) Sridevi’s two daughters Jahnvi and Khushi emerging from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s office building. The speculators were on overdrive imagining a  film collaboration between Bhansali and  Sri’s beti.

 But here’s the truth about Jahnvi ’s supposed visit to Bhansali ’s office.

Says a source close to  Bhansali’s team, “Jahnvi and  Khushi didn’t visit Sanjay Bhansali. They visited Sanjay Bhansali’s niece Sharmin Sehgal who is  Jahnvi Kapoor’s best friend. Sharmin lives with her sister Simran and parents Bela Sehgal (SLB’s sister) and  Deepak Sehgal in the same building where Sanjay Bhansali has his office.The paps saw  her emerge  from that building and concluded the obvious.”

Interestingly Jahnvi and  Sharmin have been best friends since they both attended the same acting school in  Los Angeles two years ago. The two of them used to hang out together in LA and they are now inseparable in Mumbai. They will make their screen debut at around the same time. While Jahnvi is being launched by Karan Johar in Dhadak Sharmin is being launched by her uncle Sanjay Leela Bhansali in a  film that will be directed by Mangesh Hadawale.

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