No Frontal Nudity, No Mother Abuse For American Assassin

The controversial Hollywood thriller American Assassin about a young CIA recruit who goes on a killing spree  against  Islamic  terrorists after his girlfriend is killed in a random terror attack on a beach, has been  certified with an “Adults Only”  and that too with key cuts , thereby further disproving the  widespread  belief that the CBFC would no  longer censor , only certify,

“Having sex with the mother is still  a taboo term.It will always  be the same,” says a CBFC source referring to motherf….r which was ordered out of IT and now American Assassin. The  abusive word  ‘bastard’ has also been ordered out of the film. So  has a shot of a woman’sfront nudity. Only then was  the film given an ‘A’ certificate’ says a source.

“It was  just a fleeting shot.But the CBFC has asked for

This clearly indicates that an ‘Adult’ certificate  is no guarantee for a film’s content to go untouched.

Curiously  the CBFC had no  problem with the film’s theme  of Islamic terrorists being hounded out from their hiding holes and hosed down.

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