No Happy Birthday For Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan

The  #MeToo accused director Sajid Khan  couldn’t have  anticipated a worse birthday for himself. As he turned a year older  on November 23  he had lost his job as director  of  the  big film House Full 4  and he had  lost most of his friends as well.

A  source  close to Sajid said, “He had no birthday party not only because  he had  nothing to  celebrate  but also  because not too many of his friends would come.His  phone  used to be on the verge  of  crashing every year on his birthday, there were so many calls and  messages. This year no one wanted  to be caught  wishing him. ”

Ashoke Pandit, chief advisor of the Federation Of  Western India Cine Employees(FWICE) says  though Sajid is  still to be proven guilty he is  facing a situation  of  ostracization . “We  summoned him to give his explanation to us . He didn’t turn up. We summoned him again. This time he came and denied all the charges. Technically Sajid is still not-guilty.We  as a film federation have to go  by the law. However there is a wider moral issue.And that  could  prevent   Sajid or for that matter NanaPatekar from being employed .If thousands  of  workers  of the  various  film unions in  Bollywood agree to not work withMeToo accuseds there is  nothing that the accused can do about it.”

Apparently Nana Patekar who  recently  joined the cast and crew  of  a film was  shunned  by most of the women in the  team.

Says Pandit. “This ostracism  is bound to happen. And no law can prevent  it from  happening. And why just the alleged  perpetrators ?Even those  close  to  the perpetrators  must be ostracized.”

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