No Hrithik-Susanne Reconciliation On The Cards

By A  Correspondent

Lately there has been a lot of talk of Hrithik Roshan and his estranged wife Sussanne Khan coming together again.The Beautiful Couple has been seen  together on  more than one occasion lately accompanied by their two sons, eventuating in speculation on a rapprochement between the couple.

However a  family friend of the Roshans completely dismisses any  chances of a reconciliation.

“Duggu and Sussanne have decided to part ways as a married couple. This is an irreversible decision. However as parents to  Hrehaan andHridhaan they continue to be  united. Just last week they were together for Hrehaan’s  birthday.We will see them as  one happy family whenever it comes to their children.When the couple parted ways they promised one another that the children would never have to suffer for their parents’ separation,” says the family friend.

So  here’s advice for those who jump to conclusions each time Hrithikand Sussanne are seen together in public: don’t jump the gun,they are only being good parents.


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