No injury yet NO SHOW? This young HOT SUPERSTAR actor’s PR game backfires badly!

An apt example to how damaging incorrect PR can be for an actor is the recent plight of a young, extremely talented actor, post the grand telecast of a sports event.

The actor has been riding high on the huge wave of success, and applause for his negative portrayal, post his last release which ran into controversy before release. The young star made headlines with the announcement of his performance at a major sports event. Known to be the live wire that he is who comes up with unusual acts, the actor’s performance was widely anticipated. There was a lot of publicity done around his act and everything was hunky dory till then. But the actor suddenly backed out from his act, with his spokesperson, citing a last minute health concern. Buzz was that he was miffed about his contemporary, an actor who had given back-to-back hits, getting a higher fee than he was. Not just this – the star made sure that another actress who was handled by his talent management company had to back out too from the event (she was replaced by an actress who has made a name for herself in the south) at the last minute again. Naturally his agency had no choice as he is the biggest star among all the talents handled by them.

The organizers of the sports event, in a soup, turned to a superstar who is known for his dancing skills and his sizzling on stage performances. The superstar obliged for the last minute call to action and took to the stage delivering one of the most memorable performances of the night. The actor not only walked away with all the praises and accolades in the stadium, but also had social media applauding his electrifying performance and leaving the ‘injured’ actor grinding his teeth in helpless anger.

Interestingly, instead of acknowledging the gracious move by the dancing star, in order to make headlines, the younger actor’s publicity managers tried pitting them against each other. His publicist kept calling everyone and telling them how the dashing superstar with the dancing skills was a replacement at the event only because the younger star was injured. Yet the ‘injury’ seemed hardly in sight as he kept shooting for his film and was spotted at public events (or even traveling). They need to accept that it was extremely magnanimous of the older star to have stepped in to save the day and it was ungracious and juvenile of the younger star’s publicity managers to pull down the dancing star. Earlier too, they tried to do the same when stories and rumors were spun about tension him and another senior co-actor the historical film they did.

Well, gone are the days when an actor gains from being pitted against another – especially with a superstar. It is time they learned the big game and play on facts and strengths of an actor other than working on negative stories. We hope the younger star’s PR team camp focuses on their star doing good work and delivering big numbers in a solo hero film rather than spinning out stories of injuries which raise question marks or pulling down other actors.

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