No Kissing In Anees Bazmi’s Film, Please!

Apparently Arjun Kapoor and his co-star  Ileana D’Cruz were all set to seal their on-screen chemistry with a kiss.

But guess who put his foot down? No,not Arjun’s chacha Anil Kapoor(who is all for kissing and other intimate gestures). It was director Anees Bazmi who apparently threw a fit at the very thought  of his young lovers sharing a kiss.

Anees admits he is a prude in the matter of on-screen  intimacy. “My  comedies are watched by the entire family, and kids love my humour.I’ve a mother, a wife and sister at home.And I’ve a daughter. I wouldn’t like to do anything in my films that would make me cringe in front of them. So sorry no, no kissing in my films, ever, no matter what the requirement in the script. I  agree with the censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani in this. We need to keep our films clean and wholesome  because cinema is still a family event in  our country.”

It’s not just Salman Khan who refuses to kiss his heroines. Director Anees Bazmi is also a  puritan . No wonder his new comedy Mubaraka was given a clean  chit by the censor board. They singled out the film for being free of vulgarity and double meanings in the name of comedy.

Writer turned director Anees Bazmi feels comedy has been given a bad name. “Somewhere in its journey from Basu Chatterjee and Hrishikesh Mukherjee to the present day, comedy in Bollywood has become  a cheesy affair. This is why family audiences are suspicious of  our comedies. They say, issmein zaroor kuch gandahoga(it has to be  dirty). Not my comedies.”

Anees’ biggest moment of  glory came when  Ketan  Desai, the son of the legendary Movie Moghul ManmohanDesai called up Anees to say Mubaraka reminds  Ketan of his father’s films.

“That made my day. I’ve always been Manmohan Desaiji’s biggest fan.I’ve followed his rules. Let audiences have fun without offering them crudity.”

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